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Cab driver dies in fatal hit-and-run accident

A fatal car crash occurred recently in Nassau County that took the life of a cab driver. The accident occurred on Long Island in the early morning hours of a…

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18-wheel truck kills cyclist in recent fatal accident

A fatal collision between an 18-wheel truck and a bicyclist occurred recently in New York City. The accident occurred in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, police said. If it…

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1 killed when car strikes bicyclist in New York accident

Bicycles are a popular mode of transportation in New York. Eliminating the need to wait for another crowded subway car and a plethora of biking lanes throughout the five boroughs,…

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New York Tugboat Crash Claimed Three Crewmember’s Lives

On March 12, 2016 a tugboat escorting a crane from Albany to Jersey City, collided with a stationary construction barge located near the Tappan Zee Bridge. The tugboat, named The…

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An overview of slip and fall accidents

The term “slip and fall” is a term that comes into play in New York in personal injury suits. Slip and fall accidents typically occur on a property — “premises”…

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Heroic nanny saves baby from pedestrian-car accident

A New York woman employed as a nanny was recently struck by a car while trying to save the life of the infant she was caring for. The 62-year old…

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New York Wrongful Death Lawsuit Ongoing

In the ongoing case of a teacher killed after a New York Police Department (NYPD) officer drove into him, the NYPD is refusing to release records pertaining to the incident.…

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Dangers of Older Drivers

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimated in 2013 that there were approximately 23.6 million drivers age 70 and above in the United States. With age comes health complications, such…

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Right-of-Way Law Leading to Multiple Summons and Arrests

New statistics regarding the New York City’s 2014 Right-of-Way Law were released at the recent 2016 Vision Zero Conference that was held on March 10. The Right-of-Way statute makes it…

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