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Are New York City school buses a safe mode of transportation for your child?

Every week day, thousands of New York City school children are picked up and dropped off by school buses. For parents, school buses are often regarded as a safe and…

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Leaf Blower Safety Tips

Now that we are in the midst of autumn, it will soon be time to think about leaf cleanup. While the shades of red and orange are beautiful on trees,…

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Bed Handles Linked to Injury and Fatality

Recently, The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Bed Handles, Inc. announced a second recall of 113,000 portable bed handles. The first recall issued in 2014 noted the safety hazards associated…

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Major European city says it will eliminate city center traffic

Many New Yorkers get by just fine without driving a car very often. The city provides plenty of access to public transportation taxis and other alternatives to driving. But what…

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Is your child’s school safe and secure?

Each morning, as New York City parents send their children off to school, they expect that a child’s school environment is safe and secure. Sadly, this is not always the…

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Building’s owner and landlord have duty to protect tenants and prevent crime

All residents in New York City, regardless of wealth or address, have a right to feel safe in their own homes. For the millions of residents who live in apartment…

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Connected cars are coming to New York City

In previous decades, motor vehicle designers and manufacturers have focused their efforts on protecting drivers and passengers who were involved in accidents from suffering serious or fatal injuries. Today, this…

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Halloween Safety Tips for Parents and Children

Halloween is a holiday that is enjoyed by children and adults alike. While it is a festive season, parents must also be aware of the safety issues their children face.…

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Fatal Brooklyn elevator accident raises troubling safety questions

Across New York City, apartment buildings serve as homes to the city’s more than eight million permanent residents. Many of these buildings are relatively new or have been renovated to…

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Report sheds light on safety problems at NYC subway stations

According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, on a daily basis, more than 5.5 million people rely upon New York City’s subway system. As these millions of commuters board a train…

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