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The Rescue Doctrine in New York Personal Injury Cases

You see a co-worker trapped under rubble. Immediately, you spring into action, working to free them. In the process, you get injured yourself. Now, both you and your co-worker have…

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Common Halloween Injuries

It’s October, which means ghouls, goblins, Jedi, and princesses will soon overrun New York City. Trick-or-treating, adult parties, and many other events will coat the city with excitement and fun.…

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What is the Role of Insurance Companies in New York Personal Injury Claims?

In most personal injury cases, the defendant won’t pay you directly. Instead, an insurance company pays. This could be a car insurance company, a business insurance company, a property insurance…

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What is an Attractive Nuisance in New York?

Few things are more upsetting than learning a child has been injured or killed on someone else’s property. While sometimes those injuries result from an unaddressed maintenance issue, there are…

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How Does a Police Excessive Force Lawsuit Work in New York?

When police officers use excessive force against you, they’re not only injuring you, they are violating your Fourth Amendment rights. While it’s not always easy to hold the police accountable…

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Can You Seek Compensation in a New York Assault Case Without a Criminal Conviction?

In New York, launching a personal injury case over assault and battery is possible, even if no arrests were made, no trial took place, and no criminal conviction happened. The…

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Understanding Boating Injury Lawsuits in New York

New York has worked hard to keep boating a safe and fun experience. Nevertheless, boating accidents continue to happen. These accidents include both head-on collisions between boats and other sorts…

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Understanding Damages in a New York Personal Injury Case

If you’ve paid attention to personal injury awards in the news, you might be confused about what to expect in your personal injury case. Many clients come to us either…

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How Do Negligent Security Cases Work in New York?

You go to an establishment. Someone assaults you. It’s definitely a criminal case, but is recovering compensation from the NYS Office of Victim Services (OVS) your only recourse? As a…

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Back-to-School Safety Tips for NYC Parents

Even if you don’t have kids, you’ll be impacted by the return of NYC school children to their regular routine. Back-to-school means more pedestrians and bicyclists, many younger and less…

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