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Can I collect injury compensation if I was partly at fault?

A woman suffered a serious leg injury at a Disney resort. A Florida jury awarded her thousands of dollars in compensation — even though it determined she was primarily at…

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New York law neither authorizes nor prohibits ‘granny cams’

In the past, the New York attorney general has authorized secret recordings to catch nursing home personnel suspected of abusing patients. Suspicious families have similarly taken matters into their own…

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New York’s old world dog bite law

Under New York law, pet owners have some responsibility if you are bitten or injured by their dog. But in order to collect full damages, the victim must prove that…

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E-scooters (and scooter injuries) are making their way into NYC

Foot-powered scooters have been around a long time. But increasingly, you see people whizzing by on battery-powered scooters. If you thought electric scooters were outlawed in New York City, you…

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How dangerous is heading in soccer?

Soccer is one of the most popular sports. 265 million individuals play the sport around the globe, but are the consequences to using your head on the field? Performing a…

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What if you are injured on vacation?

Few things are more stressful and disheartening than suffering an injury during a vacation. Your fun is cut short. All that money and weeks of planning down the drain. You’re…

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Beyond workers’ comp: third-party liability for work accidents

Construction workers typically cannot sue their employers if they are injured on the job. But you can sue outside your chain of employment. New York has a special law which…

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is indeed complex and painful

Injuries to the hands or feet sometimes lead to ongoing symptoms long after the underlying injury. The person may experience burning pain, swelling or discoloration in the extremity. The affected…

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What is a structured injury settlement?

Sometimes it’s wiser to receive the money over time. You often hear of a structured settlement when someone is awarded a large sum of money in a lawsuit. Have you…

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The Most Dangerous Job in NYC? Commercial Waste

According to the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH), commercial waste work is the most dangerous job in New York City. The high rate of serious injuries…

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