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Dangerous Children’s Products Cause Many Injuries

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When we offer our children a toy to play with, we never imagine they could choke on it, trip over it or the toy could poison them. Children’s toys should be safe.

At Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP, we offer representation to parents and their children who are injured due to a dangerous toy or in preventable accidents due to dangerous or defective products. Our law firm is known by many as a children’s law firm for our work helping children who are injured due to the harmful acts of others, including victims of sexual assault, police brutality and injuries on school grounds or at day care centers.

Please contact our law firm to represent you and your child for any defective or dangerous product that caused an injury or scenario such as the following:

Our Firm Offers Serious Help For Serious Injuries

Our attorneys have been able to help thousands of clients recover millions in compensation. A childhood injury may be particularly difficult to handle from an emotional level. We understand your situation and will work diligently to recover compensation, including pain and suffering. We have experience with the following types of childhood injuries:

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