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A serious skin burn is one of the most traumatic and disfiguring injuries one can experience. According to the American Burn Association, each year in the United States, 1.1 million burn injuries require medical attention. They can be caused by the following:

  • Fire
  • Scalding water
  • Electrical accidents
  • Industrial accidents
  • Chemicals

We obtained $800,000 for a concrete worker who was seriously injured after an ironworker dropped an oxygen tank. The tank fell down the stairs and hit our client. Our client required surgery and was not able to return to work.

Burns are categorized as follows:

First-degree burn — This involves the first or top layer of the skin (the epidermis) and show signs of redness, some swelling and pain. It will look quite similar to a sunburn. A first-degree burn can be treated with cold water after which aloe gel can be applied. There is no scarring.

Second-degree burn — This is a deeper injury involving the second layer of the skin (the dermis). It is more painful, appears bright red, blotchy and with blisters. Treatment of a second-degree burn is similar to a first-degree burn. Remember to avoid using ice water or ice cubes on any burn.

Third-degree burn — This is also called a full thickness burn because it involves all three layers of the skin and sometimes may even include muscles tissue. The affected area may look red, white, yellowish, black or leathery. Because of nerve damage, the burned area is not painful, but the area around the burn is severely painful, requiring immediate medical treatment.

To avoid serious infection and other complications, seek medical attention immediately and drink plenty of fluids and vitamin supplements to promote your recovery. Seriously burned patients often need expert care to deal with the long-term physical and psychological effects of their injuries.

Many People Are Injured By Scalds From Hot Water Heaters

This type of accident is common for those who are renting apartments or condominiums. Many fixtures fall under the realm of the lessor’s control, but a hot water heater is something that must be managed by the apartment complex. A faulty hot water heater must be reported to the landlord and the landlord is responsible for getting it fixed in a timely manner. Those who are injured in this way could file a claim against their landlord.

As evidenced in our notable results, we know how to obtain compensation for the victims of burn injuries.

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