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Commercial Vehicles Can Cause Serious Injuries

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Large commercial vehicles make up a sizable portion of the traffic we live with in New York City. Commercial vehicles are utilized by a wide range of businesses, including:

  • Delivery companies
  • Florists and caterers
  • Construction companies
  • Ambulance services
  • Garbage haulers
  • Utility companies
  • Private transportation
  • Towing services

Trucks, vans and commercial vehicles are an integral to the economy. But, various factors can make them a hazard:

  • Size — Large vehicles weighing several tons can make safe operation a challenge. The drivers may not be able to see other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists well. The added size can also exacerbate the severity of injuries suffered by those who have been in accidents with commercial vehicles.
  • Tight schedules — A commercial driver may have an unrealistic route or schedule that forces him or her to cut corners by speeding, running red lights or making other unsafe choices behind the wheel or risk losing his or her job.

The injuries caused by these vehicles can be catastrophic or fatal. A person needs to have access to the best medical care and the full financial support he or she needs to recover. Securing the right attorney is the first step.

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