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Uber And Rideshare Injuries: New York Uber Accident Lawyer

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Uber, the ride-sharing service, has been both popular and controversial. Some of its drivers have caused serious injury to people through reckless operation or assaults on passengers.
The law firm of Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP can help you hold Uber, Lyft or similar companies accountable through personal injury lawsuits. We take cases across New York City and Long Island, as well as nearby communities in New Jersey and Connecticut.

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Rideshare Accidents, Assaults And Injury Claims

Uber Technologies Inc. operates a number of services under the Uber banner. This includes the UberX ride-sharing app that sends a driver to pick you up, and UberBLACK that sends a luxury limo or town car. In New York City, there are also options for Uber cars with car seats (UberKIDS), wheelchair accessible (UberWAV), and bigger groups (UberXL, UberPOOL, UberSUV). Competitor Lyft , which has a growing share of the NYC market, provides similar rideshare services, including Lyft, Lux, Lyft XL and Shared ride.

Our personal injury attorneys can pursue claims involving rideshare services:

  • Injuries to passengers of Uber or Lyft cars
  • Pedestrians or bicyclists struck by Uber/Lyft drivers
  • Motorists injured in auto collisions with Uber or Lyft cars
  • Assaults and sexual assaults by Uber/Lyft drivers

We investigate to establish that the driver was careless, distracted, speeding, under the influence or otherwise negligent in causing your injuries.

These claims are complicated by the fact that Uber drivers (and Lyft drivers) are considered “independent contractors” rather than employees. But that does not mean the parent companies are not responsible for drivers under their banner. They can be accountable for negligent hiring and training, such as failing to conduct background checks on drivers.

What Kinds of Cases Can New York Uber Accident Lawyers Help With?

We’ve touched briefly on the kinds of cases that a personal injury law firm can help with – but it’s a good idea to take a slightly more detailed look at each to help you decide if a New York Uber lawyer might be able to help you.

These are some of the people we have supported to pursue a personal injury lawsuit relating to Uber and other ride shares:

  • People Injured When The Uber Or Ride Share They We In Was Involved In A Car Accident

Unfortunately, thousands of vehicle accidents happen every month in New York City. Given the number of Uber, Lyft, and other ride share vehicles using our roads, it’s possible that the Uber you’re in will be involved in a collision.

If you’re in an Uber and the vehicle is involved in an accident that results in an injury to you or a loved one, we can help. We’ll help you understand what you claim might involve and who is responsible for compensating you for your injury or distress.

  • Pedestrians Or Cyclists Who Have Been Injured By An Uber Or Ride Share

Uber drivers and other life share drivers are, like any other motorist, capable of misjudging a situation, taking their eyes from the road, or driving without due care and attention. As vulnerable road users, pedestrians and cyclists will almost always come away with more significant injuries than someone inside a vehicle.

Of course, it’s not just drivers who can be responsible for these kinds of injury claims. Cyclists are often hurt when they are ‘doored’ by people alighting from vehicles. In cases like these, a passenger swings a vehicle door into the path of a cyclist, not allowing for them to avoid a collision.

Whether you’re hurt by an Uber driver or a ride share passenger, we can help you seek financial compensation

  • Other Motorists Who Have Been Hurt In A Motor Vehicle Accident Involving An Uber Or Ride Share

When it comes to Uber drivers and other ride share operators, time is money. The more passengers they can collect, the better their day’s wages will be. Unfortunately, this means that some drivers take risks that lead to collisions with other vehicles.

If you’ve been involved in an NYC Uber accident, it can be difficult to know what the next steps should be. Should you explore your own insurance coverage? Is Uber responsible for your collision? Or will it be the driver personally? Don’t panic if you’re not sure about the fine detail – that’s what we’re here for. We’ll walk you through your Uber accident claim, making sure you receive fair compensation for any injuries and medical bills.

  • People Who Have Been Physically Or Sexually Assaulted By An Uber Driver

When you get in an Uber or another ride share vehicle, you have to trust that the driver is professional – but this isn’t always the case. Sadly, a number of people here in NYC have been subjected to violence at the hands of Uber drivers.

Whether you’ve been physically attacked or been subject to threats or verbal attacks, there are New York laws in place to protect you and try to make sure the personal responsible can’t subject any other vulnerable passengers to the same behaviour.

What kinds of injuries can come from Uber accidents?

Uber accidents and assaults can result in a huge range of injuries, including:

  • Broken bones
  • Psychological problems
  • Crush injuries
  • Sprains, strains, and other soft tissue damage
  • Head injuries
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Lost limbs
  • Concussion
  • Eye injuries
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Paralysis

Tragically, Uber accidents can also result in a loss of life. If you have a loved one who has been killed because of the negligence of another person, we’ll do everything we possibly can to make sure you get the justice you deserve.

What should you do if you’ve involved in a New York City Uber accident?

Although you’ll have experienced New York Uber accident lawyers on your side as soon as you call us here at Sakkas, Cahn and Weiss, LLP, it’s extremely useful to know what your first steps should be if you’ve ever involved in an accident or incident involving an Uber driver or other ride share vehicle.

Here’s where to start:

Call 911

Even if your injuries seem quite minor, it’s important that you seek help from the emergency services. Not only will they treat your injuries, the police will also be able to file a report that goes into detail about how the accident has happened. One of the team here will later access this report to help build your case.

Seek medical treatment

Again, even if your injuries feel minor at the moment, it’s important that you seek attention as soon as possible. Without medical notes backing up the injuries that you’re hoping to recover compensation for, insurance companies can dispute whether or not the injuries actually exist or relate to the accident.

Collect all contact information

It’s important to collect contact details for everyone involved in the incident – as well as any witnesses who may have seen what happened. You won’t have to contact there people yourself – but this can be extremely helpful information for the New York Uber accident attorney dealing with your case.

Take photos

Taking photos of the scene of the accident and the damage that’s been caused is an extremely useful step. Accident investigators can use these to work out exactly what’s happened – even if witness testimony and other accounts don’t seem to add up.

Talk to your insurance company

You should always aim to speak to your insurance company soon after the accident has happened. They will explain to you what your coverages extends to – as it may cover some immediate costs. Medical bills may also be covered.

Don’t speak to any other insurance company

You may get a call from the ride share company’s insurance provider. Often, they will get in touch to get your version of events or to settle the case quickly.

Although they will make you feel like they’re on your side, this really is not the case. You’re almost certainly going to be speaking to someone who is part of a ‘loss adjustment’ team – a group of highly skilled people whose job involves minimizing the financial impact for them and their client.

Politely decline to have a conversation and explain to them that you’ll be communicating through your attorney.

Speak to an experienced New York City uber accident lawyer

Next, speak to personal injury law firm that understands New York state law and has previously represented Uber accident victims. They will take the time to listen to you and explain what the next steps will be. They will also be able to help you think about problems that could arise further down the line – and the steps you can take immediately to minimize any impact on your life.

What do NYC personal injury attorneys do when pursuing your Uber accident lawsuit?

With contact details for insurance companies and the ride share company already in your possession, you might wonder what a New York Uber accident lawyer could bring to the table.

Quite simply, we remove any hard work for you and we shoulder it ourselves. Our highly experienced team will apply their knowledge quickly and effectively – giving you the time and space you need to focus on getting better.

It shouldn’t be the case, but sadly, when it comes to getting an appropriate settlement or taking your case through court, there are lots of hurdles that will stand in the way of an individual seeking justice. At Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP, we navigate these hurdles with ease – with hundreds of New York Uber accident cases already under our belts.

We’ll expertly and effectively collect evidence and put together a compelling case to make sure you get the justice and financial compensation you deserve.

What does talking to a lawyer about Uber accident injuries involve?

At Sakkas, Cahn and Weiss, LLP, we always begin by listening. Even if your motor vehicle accident injuries are the same as someone else’s, it’s what’s happened to you that’s important to us.

We take the time to listen – regardless of whether your story takes a couple of minutes or an hour. We want to hear about what’s happened to you and how your experience has impacted your life. Compensation for your medical expenses is an important part of what we’ll seek – but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. We know that the impact of your experience can run much deep – and we want to make sure you get the justice you deserve.

It’s important that you sue

As experienced personal injury attorneys, we totally understand that lots of people don’t want any attention or conflict that may arise from bringing a New York City Uber accident lawsuit. However, if you’ve suffered because of someone else’s actions, you could be helping other accident victims long into the future.


Well, reckless drivers and the kind of offenders who are responsible for some of the crimes we’ve talked about don’t learn from ‘near misses’. If you decide against legal action, these people could very well go on to hurt someone else. Your injury claim could stop a dangerous Uber driver from hurting other people.

Involved in a New York Uber Car Accident? We Will Make Them Pay

At Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP, the experienced partners of our firm handle your case. Our trial lawyers are committed to your full compensation and personalized service along the way. Tell us about your injuries in a free consultation. Call 212-571-7171 or contact us online .