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Handling Bus And Subway Accidents In New York

Has your bus ever stopped short, throwing you to the floor?

Have you ever slipped on a soaking wet subway platform?

Has a bus or subway door ever closed on your arm and injured you?

If you answered yes, you may possibly be entitled to compensation.
We obtained $1.6 million for a client who lost her leg after she was hit by a subway car that didn’t brake in time to avoid hitting her after she fell onto the track.
Millions of people ride public transportation. Unfortunately, many subway stations are dark, ancient and in desperate need of modernization. Likewise, bus stops are often made up of broken and uneven sidewalks, and getting on and off the bus can be treacherous. This leads to such accidents as:

  • Falls off a bus
  • Falls onto subway platforms
  • Falls from sudden stops
  • Bus collisions
  • Subway station assaults
  • Being caught in subway or bus doors
  • Being dragged

Subways, public buses and stations are generally the responsibility of the city, the transit authority or another public service company, and accident victims face statutes of limitations or deadlines that require starting a lawsuit quickly or losing the right to do so forever.

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