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New York in general and New York City in particular depends on train transportation in lieu of automobiles. We can ride an Amtrak from Pennsylvania, take the Long Island Rail Road or take any number of other New York City train and transit options. The Metro Transit Authority reports that the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA), which is part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), is the busiest and largest transit system in North America with a daily ridership of 7 million trips.

It should not be surprising that even with an excellent safety record, there are still a great number of train accident deaths and train crossing accidents in New York City and the surrounding boroughs.

Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP, is a personal injury law firm focused 100 percent on the representation of the victims of accidents and people with injuries caused by the negligence of others. We are not a general practice. We offer serious help for serious injuries.

Dedicated To Seeking Full Compensation For You

If you were injured or a loved one was killed in a train accident, please contact our law firm for immediate assistance. On many occasions, a swift response is critical to preserve the accident scene, obtain witness testimony and prevent evidence from being destroyed or “lost.”

Our trial lawyers have experience with a wide range of train accident injuries and are dedicated to obtaining the maximum compensation possible for your injuries. Please contact us for help if you have been involved in a situation such as the following:

  • Injured after being accidentally brought to the yard and forced to escape a train car
  • Injured in a derailment accident
  • Injured after an abrupt stop
  • Injured due to a gap in the step (uniform width or height of platform)
  • Injured due to lack of security or enforcement
  • Fatal injury in a train accident

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