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Welcome to the Results page of Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP, where excellence in litigation meets unparalleled client service. Our firm takes pride in not just representing, but championing the causes of those who seek justice. Here, we showcase a selection of our significant settlements and verdicts, illustrating our commitment to securing outstanding outcomes for our clients.

At Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP, we believe in making a difference—one case at a time. Our legal team combines in-depth legal knowledge, sharp negotiation skills, and a passionate advocacy to ensure that each client’s rights are fully represented. Whether it’s a complex personal injury case, a challenging medical malpractice lawsuit, or any legal battle in between, our track record speaks volumes of our dedication and success.

The cases highlighted on this page are a testament to our strategic approach and our relentless pursuit of justice. Each settlement and verdict represent not just financial compensation, but a closure and a step forward for our clients. We are honored to have been able to make such a significant impact in their lives.


$140,000 was awarded to a Harlem man who tripped over a raised sidewalk flag and suffered a dislocated shoulder. Doctors tried unsuccessfully to perform a closed reduction to get the shoulder back into position. Thereafter, they tried a closed reduction under traction, again without success. Finally, they performed surgery (Bankart repair/anterior capsulography) to reposition the shoulder and counter the instability.


$139,000 for an elderly Manhattan woman who was being transported by ambulance when the vehicle had an accident. The patient sustained a laceration which later became infected. The infection took more than two months to heal and left a 4-inch keloid scar on her leg.


$135,000 for a 50-year-old Haitian male who tore his right labrum and rotator cuff when he fell down the stairs of his Brooklyn apartment after losing his balance. We argued that the steps were all different heights and that the stairs had no handrail for him to grab onto to prevent his fall.


$132,500 for a 32-year-old man who was stripping and applying polyurethane to hard wood floors in a Queens apartment building. The superintendent failed to turn off the pilot light for the kitchen stove before the work began on the floor. As a result, the highly flammable materials ignited, burning the young man’s clothes and leaving him with first- and second-degree burns on his arms and face.


$125,000 to New York woman who was sexually assaulted by an employee of a medical clinic who presented himself as a doctor and then proceeded to conduct a breast exam, which he was not authorized to do. We sued the medical clinic on the grounds that the clinic employee’s supervisors did not properly monitor his activities and that they knew, or should have known, of his propensity to engage in this inappropriate behavior.


$125,000 settled midway through trial. Allegations were that the plaintiff, a 36-year-old female passenger in a two-car Bronx collision, sustained bilateral meniscal tears in her knees and chondromalacia when she struck her knees on the dashboard of the car. The plaintiff underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair each knee and her doctor opined that she would require knee replacement surgery on both knees at some point in the future.


$125,000 for a 10-year-old student who was injured in her gym class playing dodge ball, when another student fell upon her hand resulting in Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy “RSD”. Our theory against the private school was that they had too many gym participants, creating a dangerous situation of overcrowding.


$125,000 to a 30-year-old woman who suffered a partially torn rotator cuff and glenoid labrum, requiring surgery, when a car ran a stop sign and plowed into her automobile.


$125,000 settlement for a man who sued the New York City Police Department. The police answered a call for disorderly conduct at a Manhattan hotel but, upon their arrival, found the altercation had been resolved. Thereafter, the police pulled the victim out of his hotel room in his pajamas, cuffed him and needlessly swept his leg, causing a comminuted tibial fracture that required surgery to install a rod. Surveillance video showed the victim posed no threat at the time the police broke his leg.


$120,000 for a male passenger in an automobile, who was not wearing a seat belt and smacked his face on the dashboard of the car. The plaintiff suffered an orbital fracture, leading to blurry vision for several months, as well as herniations and bulges. The value of the case was lowered because the defendants argued the seat belt defense to demonstrate that if the plaintiff had worn his belt, the injuries would have likely been avoided.


$117,500 for a 28-year-old woman, whose car was struck at an intersection by another car that ran a stop sign. The victim suffered impingement syndrome in her left shoulder and required two surgeries after the first surgery proved unsuccessful.


$115,000 this is an MVA venued in Suffolk County involving a 43 y.o. woman with good liability who underwent shoulder surgery for a partial rotator cuff tear and had 2 fluoroscopically guided steroidal injections for bulges and herniations in her lumbar & cervical spine.


$115,000 for a 15 year-old Bronx girl who alleged that while in a YMCA after school program at her high school, she was forced to perform oral sex on a 19 year old male in the girl’s locker room. The defendants argued the act was consensual, but we responded that a minor can not consent and that the program’s failure to properly supervise the students and keep outsiders out of the school was the proximate cause of the attack.


$100,000 awarded to a Kings County woman who fell in the outdoor courtyard of her apartment complex. As a result of her fall, the victim sustained lumbar and cervical disc injuries, as well as a tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus in her right knee. The plaintiff argued that a drain in the courtyard that was partially blocked had accumulated water for years, resulting in a mossy growth that led to slippery conditions.


$100,000 policy award to a man who was struck by a taxi cab as he crossed a Manhattan street. The victim sustained a severe head injury as a result of the late-night accident.


$100,000 for a 50-year-old man pinned against his own car as he attempted to retrieve something from his trunk, when an out-of-control motorist crashed into him. The plaintiff suffered fractured legs with surgery but unfortunately there was only $100,000 available in insurance. An asset search on the defendant turned up only $2,800 in savings, and no property.


$100,000 paid to a Brooklyn cyclist who was traveling west on a one-way eastbound street and was struck by a car when the driver didn’t see him. The driver argued he wasn’t looking for someone to come from the opposite direction, but photographs showed the driver had a very wide view and had he been looking at the road, he would have seen the cyclist. The plaintiff suffered herniated discs in his neck and underwent a discectomy.


$100,000 for a woman who was entering a New York taxi cab, after another passenger got out. The driver failed to realize the passenger was entering and pulled away, causing her to fall out of the taxi, land on the street and have her leg run over and broken.


$100,000 resolution for a 25-year-old man that was a passenger in a car that was struck by a phantom vehicle that left the scene. The client underwent a right wrist arthroscopy and was awarded the underinsured motorist coverage that was provided by the insurance carrier for the vehicle he was in.


$90,000 verdict for two hotel employees who suffered injuries resulting from an elevator accident. The two victims suffered soft tissue injuries when a freight elevator on which they were riding suddenly dropped.

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