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Welcome to the Results page of Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP, where excellence in litigation meets unparalleled client service. Our firm takes pride in not just representing, but championing the causes of those who seek justice. Here, we showcase a selection of our significant settlements and verdicts, illustrating our commitment to securing outstanding outcomes for our clients.

At Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP, we believe in making a difference—one case at a time. Our legal team combines in-depth legal knowledge, sharp negotiation skills, and a passionate advocacy to ensure that each client’s rights are fully represented. Whether it’s a complex personal injury case, a challenging medical malpractice lawsuit, or any legal battle in between, our track record speaks volumes of our dedication and success.

The cases highlighted on this page are a testament to our strategic approach and our relentless pursuit of justice. Each settlement and verdict represent not just financial compensation, but a closure and a step forward for our clients. We are honored to have been able to make such a significant impact in their lives.


$300,000 policy awarded to a 23 year old man that was struck by a car after he exited the park from jogging. The man was wearing a dark track suit and hood, but the driver admitted not seeing the jogger before striking him. The plaintiff hit his head, became comatose and suffered oxygen deprivation, requiring him to live in a daycare facility. We prepared a Medicare set aside plan to protect the plaintiff’s assets during his lifetime.


$300,000 uninsured motorist policy awarded at AAA arbitration to the family of a 16-year-old cyclist who was killed by a hit-and-run driver as he crossed a busy four-lane road. Plaintiff argued that despite it being dusk, the boy was wearing bright colors, and an investigation showed the vehicle took no evasive action prior to impact. The young man suffered a closed head injury, which included a cerebral edema and subdural hematoma. He underwent a craniotomy, but nonetheless died two days later, having never regained consciousness.


$300,000 result for a 24-year-old student, who, while attending a New Year’s Eve party, fell 11 feet over the railing of a sidewalk bridge and into an exterior basement pit. Plaintiff suffered cervical fractures with instability that required surgery and left residual nerve damage.


$300,000 for a laborer who suffered a comminuted tibia and fibula while removing a boiler from a commercial property. Plaintiff alleged that the work was conducted in a dangerous and hazardous manner and in violation of the New York Labor Law §200, 240(1) and 241(6).


$287,500 mediated settlement for a Roosevelt Island man who suffered fractured forearms when his bike hit a pothole in the roadway. By conducting multiple depositions, we obtained evidence that the pothole was created by the collapse of the pavement supporting an electrical vault in the roadway and that the defendants were aware of the condition, which they failed to repair.


$280,000 settlement following jury selection for a Queens hardware store owner who fractured a disc in his neck when a snow-covered awning, that was the landlord’s responsibility, collapsed on top of him as he was closing his shop for the day.


$280,000 awarded to a 58-year-old New York pedestrian who was struck by a car and required arthroscopic ankle and rotator cuff surgery.


$275,000 settlement to a 68 year old woman who fell down a small granite landing exiting a midtown New York shoe store. The plaintiff claimed that the stair design created an illusion that the granite landing was all one level. We retained an engineer that explained that shallow and short risers on the steps did create an illusion and argued that a handrail wasn’t present as well. Plaintiff sustained a tri malleolar fracture and dislocation that required an open reduction, internal fixation of the leg.


$275,000 awarded to a college student who was a passenger in a two-car collision. The student suffered several scars, a fractured pelvis and later developed a DVT in her leg.


$255,000 settlement at mediation for a truck driver making a delivery to a loading dock, when a security guard activated a machine called a “dock leveler”, a device that bridges the gap between the loading dock surface and the truck bed. The security guard’s employer disputed how the accident happened, but the video evidence that would show the accident, was erased and the defendants were accused of “spoilation” which states that a failure to maintain evidence results in a charge that if the video was available, it would have benefited the other party, in this case, the plaintiff. The victim suffered two puncture wounds and was diagnosed with a crush injury that left him with numbness in the leg and an antalgic gait.


$250,000 awarded at mediation to a 52-year-old teacher’s aide who was struck by a small passenger bus in Queens County just outside of the crosswalk. She suffered rib fractures and a shoulder tear and was out of work for several months during the recovery process.


$250,000 26 year old woman struck by a car that drove onto the sidewalk while attempting to parallel park. The plaintiff sustained displaced fractures of the fibula and medial malleolus and required open reduction internal fixation surgery to install 2 plates and 9 screws. Defendant’s insurance carrier paid the plaintiff the full $250,000 insurance policy following depositions.


$250,000 awarded to a 47 year old plumber’s assistant employed by a sprinkler company, who fell from a 15 foot height while attempting to replace a sprinkler head in a residential building. Plaintiff sustained a tibial plateau fracture and required surgery to a repair a medial meniscus. Our office argued under Labor Law Section 240 (a New York statute, also known as the scaffold law, that protects the rights of workers injured in high falls or after being struck by a falling object, by holding that the general contractor, project owner, project manager, and building owner may all be held responsible if an injury occurs) that plaintiff should have been provided with a Baker’s scaffold and other safety devices by the companies monitoring his job site.


$250,000 awarded to a Nassau County woman who became claustrophobic in a stand-up tanning booth and lacerated her finger on razor sharp edges on the metal door as she attempted to escape, requiring surgery to relieve a nerve compression in her arm. We argued that the booth had a poor design in that a user, wearing protective goggles would not be able to easily exit the booth and would not anticipate sharp metal edges, which was the proximate cause of plaintiff’s laceration.


$250,000 medical malpractice verdict to a Brooklyn woman who suffered a severed ureter during fibroid removal surgery and had urinary incontinence for several months until the problem was corrected in a subsequent surgery.


$250,000 awarded to an 80-year-old woman who fell out of a cab when the driver failed to verify she was in the car. Upon falling from the car, she landed on her shoulder, causing a four-part fracture and dislocation, as well as a brachial plexus injury. She thereafter had a hemiarthroplasty and was left with permanent weakness in the arm.


$250,000 settlement for a 52-year-old school aide who was struck by a school bus while she crossed the street. As a result of the accident, the victim sustained a displaced fracture of the fifth rib, a partial thickness humeral surface tear of the supraspinatus tendon, and multiple thoracic and cervical herniations. Defendants argued that the plaintiff was jaywalking way outside of the crosswalk.


$250,000 paid to the family of an elderly woman who was fatally struck by a medical doctor when she was crossing the street at night and in a rainstorm outside of the crosswalk.


$250,000 to a 9-year-old child who was playing tag in a city public school yard, when she fell and fractured her hip. Our attorneys argued that the teachers should have stopped the game of tag, which was being played on blacktop and, had they done so, the injury could have been avoided.


$250,000 awarded at mediation to a 55-year-old man who, while in the course of his employment as a truck driver, was involved in a two-truck collision. The plaintiff sustained an aggravation and exacerbation of prior lumbar injuries and required an L5-S1 fusion and bilateral foraminotomy with decompression. He was unable to return to work as a driver.

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