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Legal Justice For Child Sexual Abuse

When adults sexually abuse children, the pain and damage lasts a lifetime. Too often, they get away with it. Too often, they victimize other kids.

At Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP, our personal injury lawyers advocate on behalf of children and youths who have been sexually molested by someone in a position of authority. We also represent adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse who are ready to bring their abusers to justice under the Child Victims Act.

Let’s Hold Them Accountable

Was your child victimized or were you abused in your youth? Our experienced and caring attorneys will pursue justice against the abuser and the institutions that allowed it to happen. Call today at 212-571-7171 for a free, confidential consultation.

Civil Actions For The Effects Of Sexual Abuse

Our trial lawyers are not afraid to take on major institutions like the Catholic Church or the New York City Public Schools. We have brought successful civil lawsuits for sexual abuse of children. We will pursue action in all types of cases in NYC and beyond:

  • School personnel, such as teachers, counselors and aides
  • Religious personnel, including priests, pastors, rabbis, imams and youth leaders
  • Medical professionals like doctors, dentists and physical therapists
  • Coaches of youth sports
  • Scout leaders and youth center staff
  • Day care providers

We have learned a great deal about how sex offenders groom their victims (and the parents) to cover up the abuse and keep it secret. We use this knowledge to expose those adults and hold them responsible for the devastation. We also hold employers and organizations accountable for enabling the abuse by failing to conduct background checks, failing to supervise, and failing to investigate complaints or anonymous tips.

How Does A Civil Lawsuit Help?

Survivors of abuse carry the emotional and psychological scars. Yet the abusers never showed remorse or paid a price, as if it never happened. The recently enacted Child Victims Act provides an opportunity to hold abusers and enablers legally accountable for abuse that occurred years or decades earlier. You did this. You took advantage of a child. That is powerful justice in itself.

Through a civil action, victims are also entitled to monetary compensation for the tangible impact on their lives. This might include depression, anxiety, insomnia, substance abuse, suicide attempts and other self-destructive behaviors. These residual effects of abuse can also interfere with the ability to hold a job, which is a quantifiable loss. And you are entitled to compensation for the costs of medication, counseling and other ongoing care.

We Will Tell Your Story

Victims deserve to be heard and believed. They deserve to be compensated. Please contact our Lower Manhattan law office to explore your legal remedies in a free and confidential consultation. We represent people from all five boroughs of New York City, Nassau County and Westchester County, and throughout the tri-state area. You can call 212-571-7171 or contact us online.

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