Hotel Injuries

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Many people stay at hotels for business or pleasure. While a stay at a hotel is usually enjoyable, sometimes injuries can arise. While a hotel owes its guests a duty of care, this duty does not extend to all harm that could occur, but instead to foreseeable harm. That is, harm that could be reasonably expected or has been known to occur. If a hotel breached this duty of care, a claim of negligence may be raised against the hotel. Among other responsibilities, a hotel has a duty to inspect the grounds for any dangerous conditions and keep its premises sanitary.

There are many areas in a hotel where injuries could occur. In addition to a hotel room, many guests spend time in other areas of a hotel including restaurants, recreational facilities, or spas. Guests also have to go to and from these locations by using elevators, escalators, and walking. Thus, the most common type of hotel injury is a slip and fall. Other hotel injuries may include:

· Food poisoning

· Gym facility injuries

· Bed bugs

· Falling objects

· Security related issues

· Pool accidents

· Stairway falls

· Escalator injuries

· Kitchenette injuries

· Fire

There are many different levels of hotel accommodations. In taking into consideration the duty of care owed to a hotel guest, a court might take the type of hotel into consideration and what kinds of services a guest could expect. Regardless, a hotel has a duty of care that extends to reasonable safety, security, and cleanliness. If there are any “hidden perils” on the premises, a hotel has a duty to warn its guests. For instance, if a pipe is known to leak, a sign should be placed to warn guests of its condition. Additionally, a hotel may be held vicariously liable for wrongful actions of its employees, whether or not the action was sanctioned by the hotel.

If you have suffered injury due to the negligence of a hotel at which you stayed, contact an attorney who is experienced in dealing with premises liability matter and can advise you regarding your right to compensation. You may be entitled to recovery for your medical bills in addition to pain and suffering. Call the personal injury attorneys at Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP at (332) 239-1601 today.

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